Are makeup wipes bad for your skin?

Are makeup wipes bad for your skin?

Are makeup wipes bad for your skin? There is an increasing selection of wet wipes in stores, including those specially designed for make-up removal. They are eagerly chosen by women because they actually allow you to quickly get rid of makeup and can be taken anywhere. However, according to specialists, make-up removal wipes contribute to skin problems such as blackheads, pimples and even bags under the eyes. Why is this happening?

It is convenient to use makeup remover wipes

More and more women choose wipes to get rid of makeup quickly. Instead of messing around with cotton balls and creams, which dissolve face cosmetics much slower, they take a wipe from the packaging and after a few seconds the face is … Well – clean? It turns out that it only seemingly looks clean.

But are makeup wipes bad to your skin?

Dermatologists agree that the very process of rubbing the face is not beneficial for the skin – smearing makeup all over the face only aggravates the problems with blackheads, contributes to skin blemishes and bags under the eyes. Although it seems that there is no trace of the mascara and foundation on the skin, the skin is still impure.

The delicate skin around the eyes suffers the most. It is not so easy to remove mascara without rubbing vigorously around the eye sockets. We rub, we make circles, a make-up remover wipe not only irritates the skin, but also causes its premature ageing

In that case, what to do in order not to harm the skin?

When buying, remember to choose those that do not contain alcohol and – preferably intended for sensitive skin.

Comparative tests have shown that people struggling with acne and using this form of makeup remover spread bacteria on the face even more. Avoid perfumed ones and buy small packages. And the more often we open a packet of wipes, the more bacteria get inside. Use this method of removing makeup as a last resort, for example during holidays when you have no other option.

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