Can you dye your hair while pregnant?

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Can you dye your hair while pregnant?? This question is on the mind of many mothers-to-be. Women wonder whether this type of interference with nature is harmful. In this article, we will answer whether you can dye your hair during pregnancy, when is it best to do it and what dyes to use. So that taking care of the appearance does not adversely affect the health of neither the mother nor her future newborn.

Is it harmful to dye your hair while pregnant?

Stains on the body, change of hair colour, discolouration – according to folk tales all this can happen to a child whose pregnant mother dyed her hair. So let’s deal with these absurd myths first. Of course, none of this is true. Regardless of whether we change the colour of the hairstyle during pregnancy or avoid dyeing – it has no effect on what our baby will look like.

It does not change the fact that many mothers-to-be wonder whether dyeing hair during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus. The main problem that bothers us is ammonia, which is often found in popular hair dyes. Some studies show that it can penetrate the body in trace amounts – a disturbing discovery for many of us. The same studies, however, indicate that ammonia has no effect on the development of the fetus.

However, in order to maintain maximum safety, it is not recommended dying your hair in the first trimester of pregnancy. This is the so-called protective period, during which we should pay special attention not to have a negative impact on the health of the future offspring with our choices. Until the twelfth week of pregnancy, many vital functions develop, and the fetus then goes through the most important phase of its development. Although ammonia – according to research – does not affect all these processes, it is better safe than sorry.

Please check the NHS advice on that topic: Is it safe to use hair dye when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

What products to use?

After the first trimester of pregnancy, we can dye our hair without fear. Of course, it is best to choose hair dyes with good, natural ingredients that not only will not harm your child, but will also take care of the health and condition of our hairstyle.

If, despite everything, you are still concerned about the possible impact of substances contained in the paint on the development of the fetus, choose colouring creams and foams. These products will perfectly emphasize the colour of our strands, giving them shine and freshness. The effect is not permanent, but we can easily repeat such hair colouring now and then.

Remember! If you are going to dye your hair while pregnant

If we plan to refresh our hair colour, let’s consider which product will be best for us. Of course, we put the best interests of the baby first, but we don’t have to forget about ourselves and our comfort during pregnancy. The new hair colour is for many mothers-to-be a symbol of care for their appearance and well-being. Therefore, do not be afraid to reach for hair dyes and other colouring cosmetics that will guarantee a comprehensive refreshment of the colour and improvement of the condition of the hairstyle.
Remember to choose products with a good, natural composition, if possible. Semi-permanent dyes as well as colouring foams and creams will also work great.

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