Bielenda offers a wide selection of natural cosmetics - the company was incorporated in 1990. For over 30 years, it has been producing the highest quality natural cosmetics for face and body care. Bielenda is a modern company that believes that the most comprehensive, as well as safe and skin-friendly care is provided by cosmetics based on natural active ingredients. Bielenda holds significant position on the Polish cosmetics market due to the unique approach to beauty care.

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Bielenda cosmetics are appreciated by prestigious women’s titles, have won numerous awards, such as: Perfection of the Year, Glammies Glamour, Prix de Beaute Cosmopolitan, Best for Beauty, Beauty Expert, Elle International Beauty Awards, Best Beauty Buys In Style, Top Avanti, Product of the Year for Women’s Health, Product of the Year for Men’s Health, Trendy Joy and more.

Bielenda UK – the range is also completely cruelty-free!

Before their release, Bielenda products go through a rigorous dermatological testing and have to show high efficacy. Their exceptionally gentle formulas make them suitable even for people with allergies. Bielenda is also the first Polish brand to start offering products with an extract from the rare Ginkgo biloba tree.
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