Eveline Cosmetics was established in 1983, and now it is one of the major cosmetic producers in Poland. Eveline Cosmetics offer encompasses wide spectrum of products – from make-up to face and body care. Many years of experience, high quality, reasonable prices and guaranteed effectiveness  have earned Eveline Cosmetics the trust of many beauty and makeup lovers! 

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Eveline Cosmetics has received many awards on different events and also can proudly print a cruelty-free and vegan logo on most of their products. Eveline Cosmetics value innovation, good packaging design, balanced price-quality relationship and quick response to new trends.

Wide variety of products from Polish makeup and skincare brand number 1.

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"I Love Vegan Food"

In 2020, Eveline Cosmetics released a series of 100% vegan cosmetics, "I Love Vegan Food", thus the brand joined the PETA organization, confirming the lack of testing its cosmetics on animals and running the company in accordance with the cruelty-free principle!

Eveline cosmetics

Ethical and socially responsible company


Eveline cosmetics vegan 2020
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