What causes bags under the eyes – How to deal with them.

What causes bags under the eyes - How to deal with them2

What causes bags under the eyes – common ailment.

Women try to hide the bags under the eyes under makeup. Meanwhile, the problem cannot be taken lightly and the cause of the formation of bags under the eyes should be carefully investigated. Knowing the cause, we can effectively rejuvenate the face and significantly improve its appearance.

Find out the causes and fight puffy eyes

Swelling of the lower eyelids is the result of lymph stagnation in the tissues under the skin. The tendency to this condition can be inherited from parents, and it often appears with age, when the tone of the circular muscle of the eye decreases, which also weakens the surrounding tissues.
Our lifestyle also very often affects the formation of bags under the eyes.


The reasons related to the lifestyle include:
  • dehydration
  • electrolyte deficiency
  • smoking (the skin loses its elasticity under the influence of tobacco smoking and begins to sag)
  • not getting enough sleep
  • excess salt in consumed foods
  • drinking alcohol
  • vitamin K deficiency in the diet
  • low level of iron in the diet
  • sunbathing

These factors often occur simultaneously or are related to each other, e.g. electrolyte deficiency may result from the consumption of large doses of alcohol, which also causes dehydration.

If the bags under the eyes persist despite the removal of the above stimuli, then it is worth consulting a specialist. Because they can be a symptom of health problems. Possible medical causes of bags under the eyes:

  • allergy
  • anaemia
  • diseases of the thyroid gland
  • blood circulation disorders
  • Diabetes
  • kidney disease


Bags under the eyes: how to get rid of them?

First, start with identifying the cause – read above. If you know that you have bags under the eyes because of any lifestyle reasons listed above – The good news is that you can be reduced or mask them.


Ways to improve the look of bags under your eyes:


  • Get enough sleepBefore going to bed, ventilate the room, drink a glass of water (which will help cleanse the skin of waste products of metabolism). Sleep with your head on a pillow (the raised head promotes the circulation of fluids), sleep at least 8 hours.

However, if for some reason you did not sleep well – a cold compress in the morning will be helpful. Often, it is enough to put a cool spoon to the eye for a few minutes to make the swelling disappear. You can also try a compress of chilled cucumber slices.


  • Give up alcohol, quit smoking – simple but not easy advice, you know very well that you should do it anyway for many other reasons!


  • Eye creamsThe most effective ones are those that contain vitamin C and vitamin K, as well as caffeine. Gently spread the cream with your fingertips. Massage the eye area in a semicircular motion from the nose to the outer corner of the eyes, taking care not to stretch the skin. 


  • Improve your diet – Another important factor that will help you get rid of bags under your eyes is your diet. It should be rich in vitamins and iron – eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds and nuts. Try to lower your salt intake and drink at least 2 litres of water a day.


  • Tea bag compress – The caffeine contained in tea, which is a powerful antioxidant, can increase blood flow under the skin’s surface, thus soothing puffiness under the eyes. Green tea is especially recommended because it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. 
    1. Soak them in hot water for three to five minutes.
    2. Then put the tea bags in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
    3. After this time, take them out of the refrigerator and squeeze them out to get rid of the extra water.
    4. Apply to the eye area.
    5. Leave them on for at least 15 minutes, however it is worth leaving them for even half an hour.


  • And of course, to quickly hide the bags under the eyes, you can also use makeup – The attention from the bags under the eyes will be reversed by the highlighter applied on the inner corners of the eyes. Instead of a highlighter, you can use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. We apply it only on the border of the swelling and the skin, rubbing it thoroughly (the corrector applied to the entire puffy lower eyelid will attract attention to it). Such masked places can be gently powdered without applying a primer beforehand.

Puffy eyes  – LAST ADVICE

Remember what causes bags under the eyes – it is not only an aesthetic problem related to the visible swelling. Their formation may result from a serious illness, so the problem should not be taken lightly. If the ways to reduce them, which we have mentioned, do not bring any results, it is worth consulting a doctor.


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